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You know

I saw the movie Konnnitiha Ka-san.

You know  how dress I wore.

of course I made look like ironically shabby.

expressing pouring mud.

This is warning,you know.

But Japanese amateur people don't know,don't rhink so ,even massmedia people.

extremely dangerous for kids.


Someone  hope to use me convenience ,Iam not going  covered with mud.



If you see rising sniper interference,

some people think one side also shallow about movie director’s thinking.


Usually when I see the movie at Marunouchi Piccadilly,Shotiku someone came. But No one come. today.That things they notify awoke earth quake at Morocco.

There are mistakes by H advertising agency as sponsorship corporation.


A few days ago I wrote Brad Pitt ,I think some pattern.

I think It seems they perform birdie exotic  tranning business drawing school relation this movie scenario writer.

Since a long long time ago,they doだけど、30年前前後から改悪なんだよね、韓国でそれやってどうすんの?横領っぽいよ。地震起きてる程度って。